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About Me

Name: Orion
Age: 28
Pronouns: He/They
Identity: Asexual, Panromantic, Transmasc
Misc: Autism, ADHD, Anxiety

Main Interests: Drawing, Writing, Fanfic, Video Editing, 3D Modeling, Old and Obscure Technology, Lost and Obscure Media, Lostwave, Digital Horror, Analog Horror, Internet Centric Horror, Creepypasta, ARGs (Alternate Reality Games), EAS Broadcasts, Collecting Plushies, HTML/CSS and Graphic DesignCurrent Hyperfixations: Splatoon/Splatbands, The Amazing Digital Circus, Sam & Max

Do Not Interact/Do Not Follow:
(I cannot believe this has become necessary...)

  • Anyone bigoted against people due to their race, skin color, birthplace, culture, ethnicity, religion, sexual or romantic orientation, or gender identity.

  • Fascists, Neo-Nazis, Pro-Israel, AGGRESSIVELY Republican or Conservative, Trump Cultists.

  • People who call themselves a "Proshipper" or any variation of it. Pedos have wormed their way into the label, and I don't want any part of your discourse cult.

  • On that note, anyone who is AGGRESSIVELY an "Antishipper." Death threats and harassment over fictional characters is stupid, and I don't want any part of your discourse cult either.

  • Also, anyone who is pro-censorship in general. Censorship is a slippery slope and I would rather have to block 9000 people than live in fear that something I post to the internet might be "too gay."

  • People who are AGGRESSIVELY critical of media. Please, just chill.

  • Radqueer, Transid, RCTA, Zoo, MAP, "Paraphile," or supporter. Especially if you're a grown ass adult. These are NOT valid orientations or identities and are NOT part of the LGBTQ. And PLEASE stop appropriating the therm Paraphillia, it is a medical term, NOT a silly fun label to try to normalize gross things.

  • TERFs, RadFems, TransMeds, TruScum, basically any sort of Trans-Discourse type shit.

  • Against NeoPronouns, Furries, or Therians, just let the kids be kids, man.

  • Pro-Life, Anti-Vaxx, any kind of white-facebook-mom bullshit.

  • If you support Autism Speaks or refuse to be educated on Autism.